The Beauty of Brick Oven Baking

Brick ovens have been around for thousands of years. Many have been discovered in the ancient ruins of Pompeii, Italy, and many homes in Italy still use brick ovens today. Even though more modern inventions have changed ovens in most kitchens around the world, many bakers know that the brick oven is special.

Brick Oven Pizza

Say “brick oven” and the first thing most people think about is pizza. One reason many pizzerias today still use brick ovens is that you can cook many pies at once and not sacrifice flavor. And the flavor that results from baking in the brick oven is much more rich and true because the ovens cook so quickly.

Pizza crust baked in a brick oven has a smoky flavor and is more airy without being soggy or too chewy. Toppings get that right amount of crunch to them without losing taste. The pizza is cooked fast and evenly because of the heat from the fire and the radiant heat built up within the walls of the oven.


Knowing that pizza crust comes out so well in the brick oven, it’s no surprise that bread bakes just as well. You end up with the same smoky flavor and crisp crust, while the inside is the perfect consistency—fluffy but not soggy or too chewy. And when you’re building a sandwich that’s meaty and sauced, you want a bread that can hold up. Brick oven breads pass the test.

Baked Beans

One food that might be a surprise to you is baked beans, and we believe that the brick oven makes B&M® Beans stand out above the rest.

Our beans are slow-baked in open pots in brick ovens for hours, and we’ve been using brick ovens to bake our beans for almost a century. The reason is because that’s how B&M Beans maintain the authentic texture and taste real baked beans should have. Their firmness and smoky flavor are packed into cans after baking, so you don’t have to use your own brick oven to get the taste you love.